Tuesday, May 10, 2016


   I believe Star Wars 7 is an amazing,action-packed film with outstanding special effects all teenagers should watch.
    First of all,there are 4 main characters,Po who is one of the best pilots on the rebellion,Jason who is the  protagonist and he is on the good side,too.Additionally,there is Lyla who is a woman fated to defeat the bad guy and restore balance over the universe and finally, Kylo Ren who is the bad guy and wants to kill Lyla so that no one will be able to stop him from taking over the world.This film is based on two sides fighting each other,the dark side which the villains are on,and the rebellion which our heroes are on.
    Moreover, this movie contains breathtaking fights with lightsabers and spaceships that will keep you on the edge of your seat.I also recommend adolescents like me to check this film out because it contains a variety of characters with different personalities and also the Star Wars movies are some of the best films that have ever existed!
   To conclude,I recommend to people around my age to watch Star Wars 7 because it has an awesome story,graphics and many characters so that the viewers will never get bored.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A film for all teenagers

   Over the past years, I've seen different types of movies,but I have to choose one that is interesting and breath taking. In this case, "The Lord Of The Rings" is worth reviewing.
   This film is about a  ring which is the only one that can change the heroes' personality from good to bad. However, the only way the ring can be destroyed is by fire. Frodo, who is the main character, is a short boy whith dark coloured hair and blue eyes. In addition, he inherts the ring from his uncle he tries to destroy it. Another main character is the Gollum, a small monster with enormous feet and hands, grey hair, violet skin and blue eyes. The Gollum wants to take the ring and become the king.So, it does anything to take it. There are ,also, some other characters, Frodo's friends, who help him and vilains who try for the opposite, to defend the ring. So all the story is around this jewellery and the efforts for its extinction.
     I beleve that this movie is worthwhile to see because of the special effects, the plot and the amazing the scenes. Except that, most teenagers would like it. The adventure of this movie makes the viewer feel the suspense at all times.
     All in all,   "The Lord Of The Rings"is a movie that everyone should see, from teenagers to adults, because it is a different story from the other ones and everyone would love it.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

A film for Teens

I would recommend to young people to watch the Harry Potter franchise.It is a film with great characters, an interesting world and mystery that most teenagers would enjoy as well as older people.

The franchise is complete and includes 8 movies.Its main story is about a boy living in the normal world named Harry Potter.He lives with his uncle, his aunt and his cousin.They don't get along with each other really well and all the family is mean to him and sometimes just ignores him.However all this changes when Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts, a school for magicians that is in the world of wizards.There he makes many valuable friends, but also some deadly enemies.

The main charachters are Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger, Harry's uncle ,aunt and cousin, and Voldemort.There are also many more interesting and important characters in the franchise.Ron and Hermione are the two wizards that are Harry's best friends and his classmates.Voldemort is the main villain of the films that tries to kill Harry because of past events and his evil intents. Harry's uncle, aunt and cousin took responsibility of Harry since he was a baby and his parents died because of Voldemort.

To conclude, I would recommend these films because they are interesting, with a lot of action, adventure and mystery that I believe many teenagers would enjoy. However, it is also a film that even older people could easily watch, too.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Freedom Writers

  This is a review of a dramatic movie which is called "Freedom Writers". It is based on the book "The Freedom Writers Diary " by Erin Gruwell.
  The story begins in a disreputable neighbourhood in California with gangs fighting every day .Erin Gruwell is just starting her first teaching job.Despite choosing the school on purpose because of its integration program, Erin is unprepared for the nature of her classroom whose students live only for protecting their own life at all costs. Many are in gangs and almost all know somebody that has been killed because of gang violence. Erin tries harder and harder to have resources provided to teach properly which ofter has results like paying for them by herself. She gives to students diaries to write about what is happening in their lives. She tries to make the students see the world in a different way. Even if the class has students from different gangs, at the end everyone helps each other.
  To conclude, in my opinion it's a great film because it is all about tolerance. It shows what is happening all around the world by illustrating a small community with different gangs from other countries and cultures fighting. I loved the movie and I would like to read the book, too. I certainly recommend young people of my age age to watch this movie because it teaches us life lessons.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our favorite youtube video

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the history of the NBA and he was awarded as the mvp player of the season 2015-2016. He plays at the Golden State Warriors as a point guard. He has an excellent percentage on shooting from the three point line and he has excellent handles. Additionally he has broken many records like most points in a basketball quarter. Finally he is Del Curry's son, who was an NBA player too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My favourite phrasal verbs with their meaning

Most of the teenagers hate learning phrasal verbs because they have different meaning with every preposition and they find it difficult.  Sometimes, I belong to those youngers. However, I try to learn as more as I can because I know they are useful. Here are some of my favourite phrasal verbs with their meaning. 

   Back up= give support
   Break out= start suddenly, escape
   Brush up on= practice sth you already have knowledge of
   Put off= postpone
   Call for= demand
   Come off= be removed for a colour
   Do away with= get rid of
   Snap up= to buy sth immediately
   Cut off= interrupt
   Figure out= understand, solve
   Give in= surrender
   Give away= give for free
   Go through= live through difficult experiences
   Keep up with= not fall behind
   Iron out= fix problems
   Let down= disappoint
   Pass out= faint
   Pass away= die
   I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Haiku Poem

It is foggy now
The slow rain creates ripples
And upsets silence

Haiku Poem

Crystal water flows
Throughout the green valley
Ends up in the sea

Haiku Poem

The sea hits the rocks
The fish swim in the vast blue
 In sheer harmony

Haiku Poem

 The sky is so dark
The rain is pouring down hard
That means loneliness

Hybrid thinking!!

This is the second video I have ever seen on this site called ''TED''.In my opinion,the video I linked was an amazing video which can give you too many things to think.The man talking was explaining how our brain works and the evolution of our brains since the prehistoric times.In the end,he says something very exciting; he said that in about 10 or 20 years we will have nanobots in our brains so it will be much easier and much faster to think about something we want,for example we will be like Google,our brain will be able to find hundreds of results in only 3 seconds,can you imagine that?As he was closing,the scientist said that we will be thinking with 2 ways,the non-biological way which we will be thinking with the help of the nanobots and the biological way which we will be thinking with our brains,that is going to be very slow of course.I forgot to mention,the man also stated that if we put nanobots in our brains our forehead is going to be bigger and we will be able to expand our thinking without limits.

Advice from a firefighter


This video was about a firefighter and his first experience as a volunteer firefighter and his life lesson from it.  In my opinion, the best part of this video was when the volunteer explained a life lesson he got. This is: Do what you want the time you think about it. In this way, he reminds us that we are people and we need help from others and the other way round. His final message, in my words was: Actions speak louder than words.