Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Computer room time: Jobs

1) Read this text and do the two activities under it. What is your score?

2) Now watch this video of "Friends" After that, leave a comment under this post saying what the most important things are when you want to succeed in your job.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Letter of opinion

Dear Jane
         I am writing to explain to you what I think of your decision. I think that you shouldn't leave your acting career , because in my opinion you earn a lot of money from this work and being an actress is very useful in your life.
          So , in my opinion , you mustn't leave your acting career. First of all , as I said , you make a living and you are the idol of the people who come to see you. Secondly , you can learn more and more about the theater and if you continue your acting career , maybe you will be a star of the theater. Furthermore , in the theater you can have new friends that will play with you.
          On the other side of the coin , if you stop your acting career at least , you would nt have the money that you now make and to be again a normal teenager is just a waste of time. Finally, if if you stop your career now , then you might be very sad because in the theater as I said you can have friends that will not see you again, and that is a shame for you and for them.
           In conclusion , I want to advise you not to stop this work that it is very good for you because it is a pity. I look forward to reading your answer.

                        Best wishes
                     Nick kokkinos

Letter of opinion

      Dear Jane
    I have read the article on the newspaper about you stopping your career and I am writing to express my opposition to your decision
    In my opinion, it's a shame to stop your carer, because you are a talented actor. Moreover, your fans have been shocked at your decision. Thirdly, you have appeared in ten movies before, which means that you are a talented actor and this is the reason why ten acting companies have chosen you to play in ten movies. You are only a fourteen-year-old girl and you have achieved to play in ten movies. When you become an adult, you will already be a well-known actor and the companies will pick you easily to play in movies and finally build a big carer in acting
    I understand that is difficult to stay far from your hometown, your family and your friends. Try to overcome the difficulties and do the hobby you want. Moreover, you can find new friend in the new town. If you become a famous actor, you will have a lot of money and you will be able to afford to travel often to your hometown.
     To sum up, I believe that it ill be a shame to stop your career. Try to overcome the difficulties.

                                                                                             Manolis Lagoudakis 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Letter of opinion

Dear Jane,

   I am writing this letter to express my agreement with your decision which is to stop your career. I think, it is important to do whatever you want and not whatever others want. If you do what you choose, you will propably enjoy your life. So i agrre with your choice.
   First of all, stopping your career means relaxing life. Namely, not so many jobs to do and not travels. Secondly, returning to your hometown is a very good idea because you will have a good time there and actually you will live with your family. Moreover, if you stop your carrer, you will focus on your lessons, which is necessary for your life and your future. Maybe in the future you will continue your career as a movie star.
   There are some disadvantages of continuing your career. For example, if you keep doing your acting career, you are going to have a hard life and not enjoy it. You will have to travel, which is echausting and involves a lot of work. Furthermore, you are going to stay away from your family. At this age it is necessary to live with your parents or with someone from your family. Moreover, as a movie star you will not be able to focus on your lessons. So it will be hard for you to have a bright future. Finally, sometimes fans are annoying and they will not let you have a relaxing life.
   To sum up, you are making the right choice. A message from me is that you mustn't let others change your mind and do whatever you want.

  Best wishes,
  Michael Pervolarakis

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Letter of Recommendation

    Opening:Paragraph 1
I am writing in response/reply to your announcement/article...which I read about in your magazine,I would like to

     Paragraph 2-3
...would be a good choice because/as/since...
      Closing:Paragraph 4
All in all,I feel...
I hope...will be chosen for...
I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dear Mayor,

  I read about the new plan to build a huge shopping mall on a site three miles outside Greenville and I'm writing to express my agreement.From my point of view,it would better to build the new mall.
  First of all,the new mall will bring money into the local community.There will be a lot of new shops and other facilities which will probably bring money.With that money we can improve our city.We can create huge parks, eco-friendly buildings and cultural facilities,like museums or libraries.Also,it would increase job positions and fight poverty by taking on new employees to work in the shops. Moreover,there the shops will have more sales than other traditional shops and residents will be able to buy the things they want at discount and spend less money. Last but not least, teenagers could hang out with their friends there and also could buy things to enjoy themselves or to eat in a café.
  On the other side of the coin, some citizens object to the opening of the new shopping mall,because this could mean the end of some local stores.In my opinion the owners of those shops in the city could transfer their shops into the new mall.It's a good idea but owners are obliged to pay the mall owner if they want to open a shop in there.This money will be worth spending.
  I think you will take my suggestions into account and discuss them with the city council.

Nick Koutentakis

Monday, November 21, 2016

Letter of opinion


 Dear Mayor,

        I am writing to express my opinion about the huge shopping mall. In my opinion , it is a great idea to build it , because many people can visit the mall and have fun.
            So, I agree with building a shopping mall , because people can spend hours having fun or going shopping . Moreover , people can go to the cinema with their children and have fun by watching a movie. But some people believe that this idea is not so good because some children may leave their studies and stay at the mall for all day , which will not happen if parents are careful.
           On the other hand , this shopping mall would be bad idea because of Greenville. Some people say that , at  the weekends they go to the centre of the town to do their shopping ,so they disagree  with shopping mall. However , I don't agree with them , because they can go for coffee or shopping at the department store, only at the weekends. On weekdays they can support the local shops.
           To sum up , I agree with building the shopping mall and people that are against this plan should think again , because it is great to have the first shopping mall near our town.

Yours faithfully, 
Nick Kokkinos 

Letter of opinion


Dear Mayor  
              I am writing to express my opposition to the council's plan. In my opinion the beach is a place for relaxation and people can go there at the weekends. But if you turn the beach , into a popular resort , it will not be so good for all of us.
             Fistly , I don't think that the beach needs to be developed because if there was a problem , then the local people wiil not go there to spend their weekends. Therefore ,it is not possible to develop the beach because families will not enjoy the sea for their excursions and picnics.
             Secondly , I don't think that the beach need to developed , so if you turn the beach into a luxury resort , then we could have problems about the environment. We will have cause polution. Moreover , we might cause overcrowding at the beach. 
             I hope you will take my suggestions into account, when deciding on this matter.
                        Nick kokkinos 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letter of opinion

Dear Mayor,

   I am writing to express my opposition to bulding a huge shopping mall. In my opinion, the huge shopping mall shouldn't be built.
   There are a lot of advantages of not building a new shopping mall. First of all, Greenville won't be a crowded area if there is not a huge mall with thousands of people. Furthermore, the local residents will not lose their jobs, because if the local council builds a huge shopping mall, all the residents that work in this area will lose their shops. Also, if the local people buy from local shops, the mone that they give to shops will stay in Greenville. But, if the mall is built, all the money will go abroad to their owners.
   There are some other disadvantages of build a huge mall. Firstly, with a huge shpping mall in Greenville there will be made overcrowding and the residents will not be able to sleep at night. Secondly, more traffic will be in the streets and then all the people will be late for their jobs. Last but not least, this huge shopping mall could mean the end for small local stores.
   In conlusion, I disagree with the idea of building o huge shopping mall. I hope you take my suggestions into account.